World Cup Post #2: Day 2, The End of Spain?

Netherlands 5
Spain 1

After four years of awesomeness Spain seems to have hit the bottom. It started off with Barcelona- that magical, uniquely Spanish team that became one of the best ever. With their pure passing and possession game, they not only won the Spanish League and Champions’ League but they also won the much under appreciated World Club Cup becoming the first European team to do so. As the World Cup started in 2010, everybody knew Spain would do well. Their starting 11 were mostly a carbon copy of Barcelona. They played the same game. Spain won the World Cup and made a mockery of Holland, who played an ugly physical game in the final.

Four years later, Spain still has arguably the greatest reserve of players of any country. Take a look at any big club and you are bound to see a few or more Spanish stars. But today, their ultimate weakness has been exposed. They are missing the guy who was there when Barcelona won it all. They guy who headed the winning goal against Germany in 2010. The guy who played every game in the last world cup. The guy who could put forwards in fear just from the sight of his hair. Who else but King Carlos Puyol. One of the greatest defenders to ever play the game. Slow of foot and speed, Puyol had real determination, intelligence and an uncanny natural gift for defense action. Without him, Barcelona looks as focused in the back as a novella plot line during Christmas. Barcelona won nothing last year as he sat it out with an injury. They finally started to “search” for a new center once it was clear Puyol would not be coming back. But it was already too late.

If you saw the Champion’s League semifinal between Real Madrid and Barcelona, you know what I mean. Who could forget that wily little Gareth Bale whizzing by a helpless Barcelona defender to score the crushing goal.
Spain are now in the same place.

With their treasure-trove of talented players, Spain surprisingly have few central defenders to replace Puyol. Against Holland, they put Pique and Sergio Ramos in the back. Ramos, also known as the butcher, is a hot shot defender who can push forward and create chances. Too bad he can’t mark as well he can run. He is known for clumsy tackles, and doe-eyed glares when he takes a player down. He is not really a full back and he is certainly no centre-half. To his side is the light-headed Pique, a man with fraction of the concentration and intelligence of Puyol. Without somebody steering the way, Pique is better off working as circus mime in Barcelona then taking over King Puyol’s shoes.

So what now? They could field an entirely new eleven players in their next group games and still win. However, they still have no centre-half. I mean Iran has center-halfs who are mediocre at best but Spain plays with converted attacking mid-fielder like Ramos and Jordi Alba. They are there because there are too many good players up front to choose from. So, they put them in the back. Big mistake. Take it from the Azzuri, put at least one good defender in the game.

How they will solve that problem this late is beyond me. That’s good news for my bookie.

World Cup Blog 1: Group F, Leader of the Third-World

Group F should be known as the Muslim group because it has three Muslim sides and Argentina. If you think the world’s biggest sport does not have corruption, I would say think again. The way that these groups are arranged always has some sort of geopolitical backdrop. Remember the year, Iran and the United States were in the same group? The winner of this group represents many things, much bigger than football. So, here is a run down followed by a geopolitical spook shock analysis.
Bosnia is a European nation with skill in attack and a genuine passing game. In Edin Dzeko, they have a superstar striker who excels in the air. He can score against any team, being especially dangerous on set pieces and crosses. However, their defense seems childish and too physically weak to resist a strong attack.
Nigeria is a good team but they look unorganized in the back. Instead of the usual super eagle finesse, they seem more into fierce runs forward like Ghana. If their defense becomes organized and they combine fine Nigerian ball skills with defense, they can go far.
Iran comes from arguably the weakest continent – Asia. After offing the unruly Koreans, they never faced a good side. Their strength is in the defensive midfield position with world class player Javad Nekounam leading the way. A veteran of the Spanish side Osasuna, I’ve seen him impose his presence on the likes of Ronaldo’s Real Madrid and Messi’s Barcelona. It was usually the home match at Osasuna which decided who lost the race in Spain that year. For the Iranian national side, he hasn’t really done a bad job but certainly doesn’t seem as comfortable. It will take a huge effort for him to carry this team on his back. Younger players such as Charlton Athletic’s Dejagah and Goochinejad will be the ones who create chances moving forward.
Argentina are obviously the favorites to win. They have too many good players to mention in one sitting. Plus they have this guy named Leo Messi. However, as a group, these rancheros don’t seem to dominate their opponents. If I were them, I would try ten shots per game in the opening rounds. Anything less will put them out of rhythm. With convincing wins against Brazil and Spain, Latin American teams are not a problem. However, against the tall Germans they have a distinct height disadvantage and they can’t seem to impose themselves physically. They are probably behind Uruguay in South American rankings.
Algeria is a French side (since most of their players are actually French-born and French-speaking). That means the Illuminati have designated the runner-up in this group to represent the only Muslim-majority country to advance past the first round. Geopolitically this is huge. Will Iran, the most advanced-third world country beat the odds? Or will Bosnia and Nigeria take their spot? Whoever the winner, it is clear that the Illuminati will be celebrating with a giant pyramid in the background. Um, please make sure the script comes out better than last time. I remember the final in the last world cup turning into a knife fight with heels because the Dutch team decided they couldn’t win it by playing soccer so they tried to be physical and lost. Be “seeing” you.

Sufism or Atlantis mystery religion?

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 Pre-Islamic Origins of Sufism

The origins of Sufism remain largely unknown. The traditional definition
of Sufism is esoteric Islam. However, some scholars contend Sufism is a
far older religion disguised in Islamic garb. In this paper, I will briefly
introduces different sources with suggest Sufism is in fact part of a far time
period which has not yet been accepted by mainstream historians. First I
will distinguish Sufism from normative Islam in order to refute the claim that
Sufism is part of Islam. Second, I will trace the origins of Sufism to ancient
Egyptian mystery religions. Third, I shall introduce esoteric sources which
suggest the existence of an antedilluvian civilization which is not fully
recognized by historians. The aim of this paper is not to prove the
existence of this alternative timeline but to simply examine the current
literature on the subject in lieu of my theory. To start, I…

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Sufism or Atlantis mystery religion?

 Pre-Islamic Origins of Sufism

The origins of Sufism remain largely unknown. The traditional definition
of Sufism is esoteric Islam. However, some scholars contend Sufism is a
far older religion disguised in Islamic garb. In this paper, I will briefly
introduces different sources with suggest Sufism is in fact part of a far time
period which has not yet been accepted by mainstream historians. First I
will distinguish Sufism from normative Islam in order to refute the claim that
Sufism is part of Islam. Second, I will trace the origins of Sufism to ancient
Egyptian mystery religions. Third, I shall introduce esoteric sources which
suggest the existence of an antedilluvian civilization which is not fully
recognized by historians. The aim of this paper is not to prove the
existence of this alternative timeline but to simply examine the current
literature on the subject in lieu of my theory. To start, I will briefly outline the
key features which distinguish Sufism from Islam.

To see why Sufism is not part of Islam,one need only look to the core
structures that distinguish Sufi practices. These elements may be
categorized as the tariqa fraternal orders, the doctrine of wahdat al wujud
and historical links to certain countries.  The tariqa orders are a distinct organization                                                                          method that may be surmised as master-disciple relationship. These orders have a strict
hierarchical structure. The enlightened master dictates all the customs,
rules and protocol of each order. This sort of context remains unknown and
mostly taboo in orthodox Islamic traditions. However, master-disciple
relationships exist in most gnostic and vedic traditions. Furthermore, the
7th century Iranian chivalric orders or Javanmardi seem to have a direct
influence as different forms of fraternity. Hence, the mere structure of
Sufism is almost heretical to Islam, which forbids any kind of intercession
between man and god. The doctrinal elements of Sufism point to a more intentional synergy of
Islamic terminology (or “outer garb”) with a core of pre-Zoroastrian or
Gnostic cosmology. The 12th century Persian mystic, Suhrahvardi
discusses the influence of Mazdaism on Sufism. Furthermore, some of the
key concepts of the Neo-Platonism have been argued as an influence on
Sufism. The most dominant ideological phrase in Sufism is “Wahdat al-
Wujud” which means unity of being. Although the phrase is variously
purported to have existed in middle-ages, I argue that concept of Wahdat
al-Wujud is far older. Gnostic concepts of the logos, states of
consciousness and soul provide similar ideas about the oneness of being.
This concept can loosely be translated to life being a manifestation of an
illusion of separateness. Yet, in reality the separateness is part of the
same, unchanging state. Gnosticism itself traces its origins to Hermes
Hemengistum or the mythical Egyptian god, Thoth. This proved yet another
link to Ancient Egypt. More a direct link is the lineages that all Sufi orders maintain. Each
master chooses another master either hereditary or not. The first master is
usually the founder of the order. Many modern Sufi orders trace their
lineage to a mystic named Dhul-Nun al-Misri, who was said to have tutored
Ibn-Farid, another famous early Sufi mystic. He lived in Cairo and his last
name literally means the Egyptian. Little direct information is known about
Dhul-Nun al-Misri but he is said to have “known the secrets of the
hieroglyphics and introduced gnosis to Sufism.” Other groups trace their
lineage directly to Muhammad or Ali but mainly as nod to Islam than
anything tangible. According to Khemitologist or scholars of ancient
Egyptian lore, the term “suf” relates directly to the study of hieroglyphs. Dr.
Abdl Al Hakim, maintains that the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language
was called “suf”. Hieroglyphics being a complex writing system had a
hidden meaning which only the initiates could understand. Hence only the
esoterist such as Duhl-Nin-al Misri understood this language.
In addition, there are scores of esoteric traditions not directly part
of Sufism which trace their origins to ancient Egypt. In the west, these
traditions were thoroughly crushed by the large scale crusades of the
Roman Catholic Church. Individual prosecutions for witchcraft, forced
many to renounce hide their beliefs or face death. Ironically, while the
crusades destroyed many of these groups, a faction of the crusaders
secretly converted to one of these traditions. During one of the early
crusades an unusual alliance between one crusader group and a Sufi
sect occurred. This sect known as the Hashashin was headquartered
in Iranian and Syrian castles. They took hashish before certain rituals
or engaging in political assassinations. Their leader was famously
called the “old man of the mountain” by the knights. In the Sufi
tradition, Hasan-e-Sabah is known as a great hero who stood up to the
Islamic orthodoxy. Through this alliance, the Knight’s Templar
rediscovered the gnostic libraries. The current members of the
Freemason rites trace their origins to this event. However, the true
origins of masonry is still a mystery among their own members. The
Freemasons are organized in an extremely hierarchical system
whereby the master of the lineage is the only one privy to information
regarding the origins or purpose of their organization.
So Sufism reveals a key link to ancient Egypt structurally
historically and doctrinally. This point is not well-accepted among
historians who either link Sufism to Islam or to Indo-Iranian traditions. I
argue that Sufism is not part of Islam but of an older tradition with
primary roots in Egypt, not Persia. Past this point, history becomes
quite murky. However, I intend to argue Sufism is linked to a far older
civilization than even ancient Egypt. The current or old historical
cannon maintain that the earliest human civilizations existed in the near
east around eight-thousand years ago. However, the most recent
archeology has kept revealing cities and advanced civilizations that are
far older. Writers such as Graham Hancock and Erich Von Daniken,
Stephen Mehler and Colin Wilson have painfully shown the
archaeological evidence for the existence of a maritime culture far older
Egypt. This maritime culture is believed to the be the same mythical
city which Plato called Atlantis. It is believed to be located in the
Bermuda Triangle. There is very recent archeological evidence of
underwater pyramids off the coast of Cuba. The existence of the socalled
Bimini road also points to this conclusion.

My research into this history has made use of unorthodox sources to
uncover a narrative about the past that has alluded mainstream
archaeologist and historians. New Age channeling is a movement within
the New Age community. Its popularity has been growing since the 1970s
and remains today a real-life mythology outlet. On a psychological level,
channeling involves talking to beings who are not physically incarnate.
These beings are sometimes called extraterrestrials or civilizations that are
millions of years older than mankind. The channel has a link with one of
these beings. Interviews are conducted by a third-party person who asks
the incarnate being questions through the medium or channel.5 Through
these interviews, the channel provides detailed information regarding the
origins of mankind, mythology and religion. One of the most well-known of
these readings was conducted by a group of anthropologists and medical
professionals in the 1970s. They recorded numerous sessions with a being
who claimed to be the Egyptian deity Amun-Ra. Their recorded interviews
are called the Ra Material. It gives a history of mankind that goes back
million of years before the earliest civilizations to wars fought in outer
space between different advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. These
civilization help seed mankind. A timeline of these events closely matches
those of many Pacific Island, African and Near Eastern creation stories.
The aim of my work is not to academically prove these connections but to
present this information in a logical way that may benefit academia in the
future. The literature is rich and vast. It simply needs to be presented in
order to become compelling.


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Nimatullahi Sufi Order (London: KNP, 1980)
Nurkaksh, Javad. The Psychology of Sufism (Del va Nafs) (London: KNP, 1993)

New Age Channeling:
Elkins, Don and James Allen McCarty and Carla Rueckert. The Ra Material: An
Ancient Astronaut Speaks (NY: L/L Research, 1984)
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Compendium (NY: Leading Edge Research Group, 1997)

Note: Footnoted version of this article is available in .pdf format upon request.

A Gude to Other Dimensions

According to the channelers, the point of life is to evolve in some spiritual path. Accordingly, each dimension is itself one level in a sense to ascend.  So just what is it like to move to higher dimensions? Let’s think about this rationally.

What is the first dimension?

Mathematically it is usually considered a point in space. 

Second Dimension? A Stick figure

Third Dimension – Movement around a vertically, and horizontally and laterally. Maybe an animal?

Fourth Dimension – Third dimension plus time or in essence our world.  A thinking animal? 

Fifth Dimension –  A shiny beam of light up the Yin-Yang.

Sixth Dimension –  Kwai Chang Caine from Kung Fu got here before the did the remake.  He went down a notch with the remake.

Seventh Dimension – Kwai Chang Cane’s master. That old guy was definitely past the fourth dimension.

Did you see the show he traveled through time?  

Eight Dimension –  A piece of Zorro’s hair flowing in a giant vat of molten zinc.

Ninth Dimension – A place where you, Jesus and your mother will share the same ice cream cone. Don’t ask me how.

Tenth Dimension – This is the place where weirdos hangout online.

Eleventh Dimension – A place where shit happens twice but disappears before you remembered what happens.

Twelfth Dimension – Now this is the real mystery.  I just can’t imagine it.  I think Jesus and Hitler got to this point but got kicked out when they refused to wear lady’s underpants for the big creator.

Onwards Ho! Don’t  let your feeble misconceptions blind you.  You are entering higher dimension all the time. You just don’t know it yet.

Galactic Federation or United Federation?

Is Star Trek fact or fiction? Gene Roddenberry was apparently doing more than dreaming.

United Federation of Planets Galactic Federation of Light
Founded: 2161, San Francisco, Earth Founded: Millions of Years ago, Lyrae Star System
Government: Utopian, Socialist, Poverty, Crime eliminated Egaliterian, Utopian society, Poverty, Crime eliminated
The Federation is described as an interstellar federal polity with, as of the year 2373, more than 150 member planets and thousands of colonies spread across 8,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy and taking the form of a post-capitalist liberal democracy and constitutional republic. It has also been described as a utopian socialist society. The Federation is described as stressing, at least nominally, the values of universal liberty, equality, justice, peace and cooperation. “The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy.
At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. Approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings.
Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious beings.”

Interstellar Coincidence?

Is it the Galactic Federation the inspiration behind Star Trek? Was Gene Roddenberry talking to aliens when he created this stuff? Who knows…but the coincidences between Galactic Federation channeling and Start Trek are striking. In this post, I’ll compare the the similarities between the Klingon Empire and the Orion or Draconian Empire. Both are about a semi-reptilian race of very aggressive dudes and dudettes. The lizzies are empire builders while the Federation is a “union”. Well, let’s be clear- If Worf can join the Federation than that means Humans can join the reptilian. No surprise there, Prince Charles. Mr. Icke was right. See for yourself.

Klingons Reptillians
Founded in the 9th century by Kahless the Unforgettable in Klingon Homeworld, Alpha Quadrant Founded: Millions of Years ago, Alpha Draconis System
Government: Empire, non-hereditary, Klingon High Council Empire, Service-to-Self society
“Unlike the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire is not an amalgam of several different star systems brought together by common purpose and values.The Klingon Empire sprang from a single, relatively poor planet in a modest star system.

The worlds that now make up the Empire were either subjugated in a not-so-distant past or were annexed at the point of a sword. The Empire is efficiently managed and extremely well run.

No star system has ever broken away from Klingon rule in over two centuries of steady conquest. This is not to say that the member worlds of the Klingon Empire are straining at the bit to break away from despotic rule.

Quite the contrary, the member worlds of the Empire have learned the many advantages and benefits of their association with the Klingons and few would choose to leave, even if given the option.”

“A breakdown of the Empire’s political framework was also provided in the memo, explaining that a High Council had ultimate rule over all aspects of Klingon life but that the daily ruling of the planets in the empire was “left to local families and clans” as well as outlining the existence of an almost-completely ceremonial Emperor who had the option of reassuming power if he should decide to do so”.

“The Draconians are commonly described as a powerful war-like alien race who hail from the Alpha Draconis star system.These reptilian aliens are said to be expert geneticists who posses a level of technology that far exceeds today’s human technology including the ability of interstellar travel.

Inahbited starsystems in the Draco Constelation Thuban-Anwar Alpha Draconis and the Tiphon Giansar, Grumium,Eltanin. all these starsystems in th Draco Constellation are home to the Draconian reptilian civilzations and Thuban-Anwar is the galactic Capital of the Draco Empire tand also there are 7 different reptilian species in the Draconian starsystems

The Draconians are described as being very tall and covered from head to toe in scales that range from green to red in color.

Heavily built these reptilians are said to be a violent race whose culture is based heavily on war.

The Draconians don’t particularly have patience for humankind and see humans as a source of nourishment.”

Link Here Link Here

Finally, some guy in a suit speaks about aliens…


A former Canadian defense minister has come out of the closet.

He says aliens are real and the world is run by the Bilderbergs.

So are you now going to pay attention?

Or do you need someone else from the establishment to speak?

Perhaps a scientist or professor? Not some new age quack who channels aliens…

Hint – stop believing the establishment and realize you are the establishment.

The government represents all the things you believe in. They don’t want to tell you the truth because they are afraid of you.

They think you’re a wild animal. They need to use you like a cowboy uses a horse or cow.

You can be a wild animal. You can be a man. You can be a god.

Which one do you want to act like?

Pass this video to your drones and friends.

Update on plans to rule the world

Greetings to Fiends, Friends, Fans and Felines,

As you may guess, I spend my time pursuing the ultimate prize. Yet, unlike Caesar, Kay Khusrow and Napolean, my plans to conquer the world grow increasingly fruitless. I write to you in an attempt to pass on my legacy to an ideal candidate to continue my quest. To date, I have sought magical items, hidden knowledge and mystical lore in a hazy attempt to find a path. The result is nothing constructive but rather a hodge-podge collection of random forgotten facts.

I don’t see anything wrong with using this information for my own personal betterment. I think most people live by a similar maxim. Everyone uses whatever knowledge they posses for their own purposes. Why shouldn’t I? Here my top ten list of hidden knowledge. Don’t tell the men in black or the soul hunters in grey.

1. The Ark of the Covenant is kept hidden inside the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Mr. Graham Hancock and the Israeli government are keen on this knowledge. For those who don’t know, the Ark of the Covenant is a portable temple used by the ancient Israelites as a weapon of war. In the right hands, its secrets may prove extremely beneficial.

2. The Temple of Doom is in a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. You have to use the proper mantras to open the gates. Once inside, start singing Mariah Carey songs in order to ward off the good demons guarding the gates and summon the evil ones. As you enter the main chamber remember to spray pepper and onion powders on the floor to trace your footsteps. When you see the main statue, prostrate immediately. If he starts spouting fire, you can keep low and start sneezing your way back to the entrance.

3. Atlantis is buried somewhere in Bermuda Triangle. The best way to find it is with a little plane. Look for Amelia Earhart on the way. There is a large crystal buried down there. The Atlantans used it conquer the world. If this crystal were to be found, the millions of souls trapped inside could be released. This would serve as the basis for for new occult religion with CIA disinformation, hypnosis and money laundering. Call it the Cult of Esoteric Nonsense.

4. The Egyptian Great Pyramid was built using some sort of perpetual motion machine. Edward Leedskalnin rediscoeverd this technology on his own in the 1920s. Pieces of the actual machine used by ancient aliens were found in Egypt. My only challenge is finding someone with an above high school understanding of science to rebuild this technology. Pity, I did not take more interest in this subject earlier in life.

5. Now when one has the means to use this technology, a certain goal should be to use this technology. I recommend using it to control the Jews. As I have found out, the demiurge of this world has a special bond with this group of people. If this bond breaks or the people are sufficiently swayed, their magical powers can be used for your benefit. Think of it this way. If you were playing a computer game, getting this card will give you one-hundred thousand points. Get one million points and you are ready to usurp the demiurge himself. At this point, if you are the classy type, you would build five pyramids and create scavenger hunt for the next usurper to take your place. But that is up to you.

6. What goes up, must come down. Repeat I AM the BIG Cheese before you go to sleep at night. The occultists say this mantra will magically enable a journey to the big cheese in the sky.

7. Advanced civilizations live underneath the earth. Contrary to popular belief the earth is hollow. I haven’t done the math but if it were not hollow, the mass would cause the planet to implode and turn into a pumpernickel bagel. But don’t take my word for it, take the word of the guys who have actually been one mile below zero. Gene Simmions and Jack Keroiac. If you are near Mt. Sashta, tell Adama I said hi too.

8. The Mormons are the mainstream religion I know of that acknowledges ancient alien theory. Their cosmology closely matches what the gnostics, new agers and masons have been quietly theorizing. They even have their own alien languages and tabernacle. Gee Mormoni, could you at least give some leeway on your smoking policy?

9. Masonic men not only wear colorful clothes, have their eye on the dollar or meet in secret but they also claim direct lineage from an Egyptian high priests. Last time we saw them, they got in a bad tangle with Moses and his slaves. Dude, definitely use faster chariots next time. Yeah, they are still out there. We see their handy-work at the Olympics. Makes you wonder about being on the right side of history.

10. So, we got the pyramids, the Pharaohs, the priests, their slaves and little guy called Mormoni. The next question is obvious, why me? Now we move from 3D to 4D, even some HDTV. This is crucial step the average ancient alien theorists just can’t take. The aliens are in your mind. As the mind is more powerful than matter. Just think what does matter? Me, it or them? Then think it must be in my memory. Like a stream passing by a tree. Row, Row your boat, gently down.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily. Life is but a dream.”

…to be continued…Remember, time is running out. There can be only one.

-T. Dum

Who created creation?

There was once a vast sea of nothingness.
Undifferentiated space with one having nothing to do with the other.

Then there was creation and the creator was beginning to know the creation which was part of it.
Through the use of holographic simulation each piece of creation could interact with the other piece of creation.

You are a piece of the creation, which makes you a created piece of the creator.
You agree to be tricked, fooled and ridiculed.
Everything you see comes form the same source.
There to test you, make you you learn and grow.

Only your ego remembers you.
But you won’t remember your ego

If the mind is forever.
but the memory is not yours.

Then, what are you?


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